Maharashtra Splendor

Deccan Odyssey, A Tryst with India on a Luxury Rail

Since the advent of railways in India, train journeys have been synonymous with enigma and allure. It was common practice for the British aristocracy and Indian Royalty to travel in the luxury of their private palaces on wheels, to go on a shikaar or to attend celebrations. This legacy of princely sojourns across the wilderness, mountains and deserts of India is now continued by the Deccan Odyssey. Its captivating journeys beautifully cover the exotic landscape of India, for an experience that's hard to forget.

Cabins and Services
The Deccan Odyssey treats each of their guests to unprecedented luxury on wheels with the help of 21 superlative, luxury coaches. Out of these, eleven are guest cabins. Each coach has four cabins. In order to ensure a comfortable journey, each Deccan Odyssey cabin is well-equipped with a range of modern amenities. They are spacious, elegant and seamlessly designed to radiate the various eras of the Deccan dynasties. The Deccan Odyssey is also home to four splendid Presidential Suites. Each of these sophisticated suites is exquisitely designed and comes with all modern facilities.


We also offer a specially equipped cabin, for the comfort of our differently-abled guests. The ultimate aim is to ensure all guests make the most of their Deccan Odyssey journey.


The Deccan Odyssey's two gourmet restaurants, Waavar and Utsav have been designed to keep the element of Indian royalty intact. Our chefs ensure the cuisine keeps pace with the train's journey, by creating local specialties of the very state that the train travels through. So you discover every location with all your senses, including your taste buds! Each meal also includes an International menu to choose from. In order to further enhance the gourmet experience, Deccan Odyssey presents travelers with a well-stocked bar - Gateway. This is the ideal spot to meet and know your fellow travellers, over an evening drink & snacks.

After a long day of exploration, head to Deccan Odyssey's wonderful spa "Ayush". The salon's well-trained masseurs, incorporate ancient Indian techniques to help you relax your body and rejuvenate your mind.

If work requires your time and attention, then our conference car, "Pankh" will take care of all your business needs. Equipped with the latest facilities, it ensures you manage your work efficiently even while you're away travelling.

While you're on the Deccan Odyssey, our well-organized staff ensures your every need is taken care of. For an incredibly relaxed journey, valets are accessible round-the-clock; one for every Presidential Suite and one for each coach.



Maharashtra Splendor: Mumbai To Mumbai

Welcome to a fascinating journey aboard the Deccan Odyssey, the 8 day ride will take you across the spectacular side of Maharashtra, Deccan and the Konkan regions. Be prepared to encounter diverse terrains and wonderful experiences. This includes delicious wine in Nashik, marvel at the astounding architecture of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, step back in time with the historical city of Kolhapur, visit the party state of Goa and finally explore theholy city of, Sindhudurg! In simple words, this rail journey is like none other, in a land like no other, we welcome you on board the Deccan Odyssey.

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